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Happy 4th of July America! And Congrats to Amanda and Jeff on their wedding over the holiday weekend!

This was an interesting weekend to say the least. Really fun, but it took a turn from the original plans. That’s okay though, just live in the moment, right. Only got 29 more days over here to do that!

So, Friday night I was a complete bum. I’m trying to remember if I went for a run or to the gym. I forget now, but I’m hoping I did. Meh, oh well. I made it to Alesha’s to house-sit some more, and watch/drool over:

I wouldn’t mind a silver fox for my next catch, just sayin’. πŸ˜‰

Saturday came with a 4a.m. sun wake-up call, as per usual, and after a glorious 3-hour Skype sesh with Ma & Pa McG (mostly Ma):

I was not really feelin’ this whole Half-Mary thing. Mom said: don’t run, it’s okay. I think: well, I don’t wanna disappoint people (that’s a funny attitude to have, but I always think like that). I finally peeled myself off the couch and away from my silver fox, and decided to head up to Aomori, if not to run, at least to see good friends.

In my freshly-showered attire, I bike back to the minami side of town. If not the ride, the stuffy, no open-window ‘apartment’ aka granny’s abode, was stifling. That’s an understatement. Instantly pouring sweat. Gross. I gathered my race gear: gatorade, running stuff, shoes, entry card…the loot.

I made my way to the station, with a quick pit stop at the local ATM. I still have yet to pay my phone bill (I like to think, the longer I wait, the less it will be that I have to pay…or maybe the phone company will just forget about last month’s bill. This is wishful thinking. And stupid thinking). I made a bolt for the station, only cutting into the traffic lane a few times and swerving out of another bikers way once. (I’m a terrible biker evidently).

I got all the way to the station to buy my ticket and couldn’t find my wallet!!! After a minor heart attack, I rummaged through everything, not knowing how it could have fallen out of my bag (possibly during the swerving in and out of traffic and fellow bikers?) All of a sudden I get a call. I knew it had to be my wallet. All I comprehended was ‘King’s’ (which is a Pachinko place back by my house and the bank). I made a mad dash back there, hoping and praying the money I just withdrew was still in the wallet. Oh for Pete’s sake, why am I so irresponsible at times? Well, I made it to King’s and saw three old women standing in the parking lot. They must have seen my wallet fly from the granny bike basket and in my mad rush, couldn’t catch up with me to tell me? My phone number happened to be on a document in my wallet –something I should have thrown out a long time ago, but never did. THANK THE LORD! All the money was there and I was instantly relieved. Wowzers, sometimes I get so lucky.

This is turning out to be a really long story. But, I made a mad dash again, totally negating the shower I just took, and made it back to the station just in time for the next train out to Aomori.

Melissa picked me up at the station and we headed back to her apartment for the night. I was ALL READY to run (mentally too…which I knew would happen once I got up and out of the apartment back in Hirosaki).


I was putting my things in order and had the race info, one shoe out of the bag, followed by a running shirt, shorts, sunglasses, watch…but wait….where’s the second shoe. Oh dear.

Yup. I missed the race because my freakin’ running shoe was somewhere on the side of the road in Hirosaki. Now I was majorly bummed. However, a night of House, grilled cheese, and no early bedtime. Well, it didn’t turn out soooooo bad.

It would have been a great day to run too, since there was practically no humidity and those predicted T-storms didn’t even show up for the event…or the entire day for that matter.

Melissa and I had a great time hanging out and in these last few weeks, that’s what it’s all about anyway! Guess I’ll have to wait till the U.S. of A. for that first half-Mary afterall. πŸ˜€

Lesson learned: put the important things in a zipper section of your bag, and 2.) check 5 million + 1 times that you have EVERYTHING you need. πŸ™‚

I hope everyone had a safe, relaxing, and festive 4th of July! 29 and counting…

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Beer is a carb, right?

Backing up to Saturday, after my decision to foolishly run 13.5 miles on Friday afternoon, followed by wine, wine, and more wine….oh and sake + karaoke, I still had plans with a few of last years teachers to have some Italian grub. This was the night before my first 10k race. I was going to back out, but then she said it was my going away party (since two of the teachers work at different schools, I probably wouldn’t see them again 😦 ).

I biked my way over to Da Ferido and met up with the same teachers as last time, minus Ms. Kimura. I decided, ah heck with the race, I’ll have a beer, enjoy my night, pizza with ham- okay, no biggie. So, we wined beered, we dined, and had a fabulous night, until my eyelids started weighing 10lbs each and I could barely stand the sweaty, sticky mess in the restaurant. The indoor conditions were inducing a coma and I had two choices, get the heck outta there, or splash my face with a nearby glass of H2O. I didn’t want to be rude and say, ‘listen, I gotta race in the morning, it’s 10pm and I’m falling off my chair.’ I didn’t really say anything, but luckily their Japanese conversation came to an end shortly there after. Another reason for my narcolepsy, they spoke Japanese almost the entire time. How’s a girl supposed to follow along when all you recognize is someones name every 5 sentences. It was exhausting trying to follow. BUT on the contrary, really fun to see the teachers one last time before jetting back to the U.S. of A.

I made it home and crawled into bed shortly after 10p.m. Race gear packed, food laid out, train station mapped, camera charged, sunscreen in tow, water filled, mentally ready. Nope, none of those things. Talk about running by the seat of my pants.


Morning came. I received a call from a ‘sober’ friend at 5a.m. The friends I decided not to meet up with at the club the night before. Good choice on my part. I peeled my body out of bed and moseyed downstairs to pack some Gatorade, water, and brush my teeth. My goal was to leave by 7:30a.m. since my train was at 7:54a.m and I didn’t know exactly where the train was departing from. After leaving at 7:40.m. and biking at a sluggish pace (as to not wear out my muscles, yea right) I was just tired. And the humidity was off.the.charts.

Made it to the station with 2 minutes to spare. No joke. I waited in line to talk to the attendant and ask what platform I needed to be at. Thankfully, she informed me, then got on the station-wide intercom to announce one more person coming, hold the train. Yea, this isn’t surprising. Me, late?! Thanks also to the man who knew it was me when we passed in the stairway and he pointed me to ‘san-ban’ (#3) Thanks buddy, got it.

With the night before’s beer settling not-so-nicely in my stomach, jello legs from my 13.5-miler on Friday, paired with disorientation on where exactly I was headed + a few nerves, I was setting myself up for failure. Or so I thought.

Then the clouds parted and everything fell into place.

Part 2 coming soon, dun,dun,dun….

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(Picture taken at the CSB/SJU Annual Father-Daughter dance last spring. The man’s got moves πŸ˜‰ )

Wow a weekend post! That’s so unlike me, oh maybe because I have internet!!! Exciting yes, but the source of internet is not.so.cool. It’s at work. And it’s Sunday. I worked yesterday too. Boo. It’s not all bad though. You see, I came into the office yesterday knowing I’d be sitting at my desk, forearms sticking to the plastic-y cover thing, pony-tailed hair off my neck, mugginess engulfing the office, and boredom striking (although I can hardly call it boredom when I can be entertained by the internet for days! Food blogs anyone?! They’re my favorite! Actually blogs in general. Slight obsession). Back to my point. The Supe instructed me on Friday afternoon that I could not join the other teachers and watch the activities taking place. First thought: what the hay? I wanna have fun too. Oh wait, each teacher is going to their respective activity, because they’re the coach, be it baseball, soft tennis, kendo, judo, badminton, what have you. And my duty? English Club. I immediately understood the rejected inquiry and got over it. No fun in the sun, okaaaaaaay. 😦

But wait, Ms. san-nensei (also the English Club teacher/overseer) asks new Mr. V.P. if I can join her after our English Club duties to the O-Town baseball game, track meet, and soft-tennis match…and he says: YES! What a day maker, not breaker! Wahoooo, free at last. I didn’t have to sit in the muggy office for another minute. Come 11a.m. I was heading out the door, into the blazing sun, and ready to root for my home team.

It was a scorcher outside. As you can see, I wasn’t exactly prepared for the conditions (please excuse my freshly showered, wet-haired self in my p.j.’s.) I’m a lobster, again.

Sweet tan burn-line, eh? Not flattering for the next few days, that’s for sure. After the day in the sun, and going from 8a.m. until 3p.m. without proper nourishment (I don’t know how the Japanese do it). I was about to gnaw off my left shoe, too bad I wasn’t wearing crocs, heard those were edible! Anyway, teach and I finally stopped for some much-needed tempura and cold soba combo. Hit the spot! Home before 3p.m., in bed and watching House. I was too pooped to run in those scorching conditions.

Back at the office today and no such luck in the sporting/spectating area today. Had English Club again though. Movie day. We saw “Jumper”. I think that’s the name. It was pretty cute. Guy can jump to different places, falls in love, tries to save girl/find out his talent/survive the evil “Jumper killers”. Haha, sounds so weird, but it wasn’t half-bad. Plus it’s pouring BUCKETS today. Power’s gone out twice while sitting here! Maybe I should have taken the opp to run yesterday while it wasn’t monsooning. Hello rainy season. Hope the condition improve for my race next weekend! The forecast say showers for the next 5 days. What is this, Minnesota?! Geez.

I hope everyone else is having a super-di-duper weekend where ever you may be! 44 days, I know where I’ll be…MINNESOTA!!! I asked my mom to arrange a gathering at the airport, for hugs, tears, balloons, family, friends, streamers, and a band. She’s workin’ on that. πŸ˜‰ Feel free to stop by! Haha.

Ok, I’m just being weird now, so back to ‘work’ and I’ll see ya tomorrow, it’s Monday after all. (Lucky for me, it’s really Friday, since I have Tuesday and Wednesday off!) More reason to celebrate!

Ja ne!

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Well hello lovelies (this includes male lovelies too). I just felt like saying that for some reason.

It’s Monday morning in Japan, blazin’ hot in this office, I’m high on something (caffeine I’m pretty sure) or life. I came into school with 50+ emails and lemme say, never again will I go ‘unplugged’ for a weekend. I will admit, it was refreshing at the time, but catch up’s a b*&$%. Ha, I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted to the internet. 😳 But anyway, this weekend was epic. I didn’t even do anything that spectacular, but it was to me, and it’s my blog, so therefore epic recap in store.

Friday Fun~

First order of business, run my little heart out. 8 miles and one bathroom pit stop later. Check.

All a part of the training sched, got her outta the way on a lovely Friday afternoon, perfect…since I knew there may not be time this weekend otherwise.

The sight from my ride home with Ms. ichi-nensei:

See that sun settin’ right over yonder beyond Mt. Iwake. That mountain never looks the same on any given day. I love it!

I had ‘plans’ to go home and self-diagnose my new ailments watch House, but when I got the call for curry (real, Indian curry, not Japanese curry) with Alesha and Christine, I obviously couldn’t turn that down, even if it was my second trip of the week (lucky for me, it lasts two meals!). I walked to the eki and brought a little friend* with me.

I sat down with the ladies and they had graciously ordered for me. I was craving Chicken tonight. I was a little ‘misty’ from the humid walk, gross, and all of a sudden I felt a little tickle on the back of my neck. I felt it, and wanted to scream (just shivered now, thinking about it) but there was a huge, yes, a huge freakin’ beetle (that little friend) crawling up my neck toward my head. I grabbed it and threw it at the wall, proceeding to squish it with a napkin and immediately go wash my hands. I don’t mind bugs (that much), but when they’re on me—that’s a-whole-nother story. Bleh. Alesha and I swapped curries (she had Dal and didn’t like it), and so I offered to switch. Not 5 minutes later I found a long black hair in mine (the chef’s). My usual self would have probably made a huge complaint and been super grossed out and maybe slightly peeved. For some reason, I wasn’t and I just took it out and didn’t think about it. We know the owners, nice guys, simple mistake. I left it at that and enjoyed my meal.

After dinner I opted for House and bed. ‘Twas glorious.

Saturday Sun~

My attempt at sleeping in failed as per usual. No joke, I shoot up out of bed at 4:15 EVERYDAY, no matter what. Well, I managed to fall back to sleep until a little after 8a.m. when I was notified via the empty pit that it was time for breakfast. I whipped up some protein-enhanced French Toast with:

  • 1 slice of ‘Nice Bread’
  • 1 egg + 1 white
  • sprinklet of Nutmeg
  • almond extract
  • dabble of real Hokkaido butter
  • boat loads of Cinnamon

My topper was inspired by Angela who came up with the idea of Breakfast Hummus. I don’t think her recipe has debuted yet, but just so you know it was her idea, but this is what mine entailed:

  • 1/2 cuppish (I’m really bad about measuring) chickpeas
  • 1/4 cuppish plain yogurt
  • 1 tbs TJ’s creamy peanut butter
  • 1/2 scoop Chocolate Whey protein powder
  • splash of milk to help the little engine that could (my ghetto blender)
  • 1/2 banana
  • drizz of agave

Blend. It was really good. Perfect topper for my little Frenchie…that and a dollop of Japanese cottage cheese (which I mentioned before is not goopy). It was fabulous. MMMMMMM. So good. I had left over ‘hummus’ and it was really good with some strawbs that I bought later.

After breakfast and more House I peeled myself off the futon and got to Budokan for a little upper body, courtesy of BFL and then set out for some biking and reading (never thought I’d be doin’ that). I love reading but I’m always ‘too busy’ to sit down and enjoy a good book. Times are a changin’. I parked myself, some carrots, an orange, and crab out across a little plot of grass at Hirosaki Castle park and enjoyed the summer sun and my book. I had the opportunity to go to a ballet class (if you know me…and know that I can’t touch my toes) this is the biggest joke ever…but I did almost go. I need some core work, and flexibility. I didn’t end up going, but maybe next week, if I’m brave enough.

On my way home from biking/reading/market shopping~ pesticide-free broccoli: WAHOO, I also snapped a picture of this bike near my house. I just love it:

Then this little granny comes up to me and wants me to take a picture of this weird carriage thing with a Santa Claus in it. No thanks, that thing is creepy and would haunt me for sure. More bikes please πŸ™‚

Just caught my eye, then I was on way.

I had the night to myself and made sure not to do a thing. I loved every minute of it.

Sunday Shopping Shenanigans

I had a shopping date with Tomo at 10a.m. We planned on driving out to Goshogawara for the day (about 30 minutes by car) to hit up Elm shopping center and see what we could find. Oh, and dinner plans for me to introduce American cuisine to the fam was still on the agenda.

With a slight budget in mind, i.e. Molly you leave in 50 days, don’t be dumb and buy anything you don’t have the space for….that idea went slightly according to plan. I bought a small ring and a ‘to die for’ scarf. Oh, and some things from the Foreign Food market (without hesitation). Let’s just say the Palak Paneer purchase got me super stoked (even more than I already am) for my trip to India, which is 40 days and counting. **Pictures tomorrow on those purchases. Promise!

Since I’m a narcoleptic by self-diagnosis, I obviously fell asleep on the car ride home. Tomo and I went for a quick run around Owani before it was dinner time. Which was BOMB! So freakin’ good.

Japanese Suroppi Jiyozu a.k.a. スロッピジョズ (a.k.a. Sloppy Joes)

  • 300 grams ground beef
  • 1 can of tomatoes/onion (in place of processed and sodium-intense Campbell’s soup)
  • 2 tbs brown sugar
  • 1/2 tbs (give or take) spicy mustard
  • ketchup (fair share of drizzle through out pan)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Buns


  1. Brown meat
  2. Add everything
  3. Stir
  4. Enjoy

Oh boy. That was a HIT! Mama Kase, and Grandma dove right in and loved the sloppy mess. Mama even picked up her ‘burger’ and successfully got every last bit in her mouth and not all over her hands! We enjoyed some Japanese sides of veggies, potato korokke:

…fish, some gloopy seafood animal (not a fan), and fresh out-of-this-world watermelon ($30 for the thing!) as our dessert. Don’t forget the phone call Papa Kase made me make to their eldest son (in Sendai) with whom they wanted me to practice English with. First off, he answered the phone extremely confused as to who I was, why an English-speaking woman was calling him, and what the heck I was saying…all while Papa is laughing hysterically in the background. Lesson failed. Comic relief definitely a success, glad I could be of service. πŸ˜€ It was really funny, and topped off my night with the fam.

Ok, each day I realize how hard it’s actually going to be to leave. I’ve already got a ‘training date’ set up with Papa Kase next Saturday at the crack of life (8a.m. for a pre-course run) before my race. Then, the following Sunday (race day) the family is coming to cheer me on and we’re celebrating Mama Kase’s birthday after the race. Don’t forget my premature goodbye party with last year’s teachers happening next weekend too, but first: Tonight’s World Cup Game! Japan vs. Cameroon


I’ll be meetin’ up with a Japanese girl who is friends of another ALT and we’ll hit up the Kaji machi sports bar. Kickoff: 11pm. Gonna be a late night tonight. I promise some pics and that announcement coming in tomorrow’s post!


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Rain? NOPE. Following through on a 10-miler for training, you betcha. πŸ˜‰

But first, Friday’s festivities were nothing short of action-packed. And guess what…Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on ME! (Yes, I remember that tune from our kindergarten recital). And I can’t seem to get it outta my head, because all weekend long, we were graced with sun and only sun (despite the forecast for rain both Friday and Saturday). I’ll take it.

Since Ms. ichi-nensei’s birthday was last week, we were headed out for a little cuisining on the town. Shabu-shabu style. The birthday girl:

And our delicious feast! Starting with a side salad (consisting of cabbage and sesame seeds…not much of a salad if you ask me). Delicious nonetheless.

Our Shabu-ing pot:

That there is the little ‘stove’ on our table, with the pot of boiling goodness (one side soy milk, the other water). Then the server will bring out spices and ground chicken (meatball) to add to both sides. Following that, multiple platters of paper thin meat to swish back and forth in the liquid and it is cooked and ready for flavorful dippage (sesame dressing, lemony sauce, or just plain). I obviously took a strong liking to the sesame, practically drinking out of the trough.

Mmmm, steamy goodness. Yes, I appear to be sweating. I don’t recall being over-heated, but the fact that I didn’t have time to go home between the gym and dinner may have something to do with it (gross).

After a fabulous and filling meal (that tasted even better with our $10 off coupon, since I was treating) I headed back to granny’s to call it a night. With a little ice cream dessert to top it all off.


From here on out, I don’t have pics (big bummer) but it was such a good weekend, that I’m going to ramble about it anyway, and if no one is interested in reading further, well then, I have a memory to look back on myself. πŸ˜€

Saturday morning I made the trek from the minami side (where I live) over to the josei side (where Crumpet lives, i.e. Alesha). I had some Skyping to do and she graciously left me the key to let myself in and chat up the fam and my favorite Kelly. It was GREAT catching up with her!! The last time we chatted was well before my travels to Korea and such. I miss her!!!

The fam is in good order too, always good to hear. They joke about having my room being taken over by extra furniture and knick-knacky things, or worse- my own things that I’ve managed to sneak under our piano in the front room from college)…all I gotta say- that room better be spik and span in T-MINUS 57 DAYS folks :P. I kid. Sorta.

After some chattin’, lounging, b-fasting, getting sucked into House, more lounging, and nearly convincing myself out of a workout, Alesha and I peeled ourselves off the couch and were determined to tackle my 10-miler for the day. Yay training. It’s these days where I’m not a fan of training. But it never fails, once I start, I’m good to go. A little company never hurts either. I had Alesha biking next to me all the way to Owani and back. The sun was shining, the rays were shooting down in between the clouds, perfectly highlighting Mt. Iwake in the distance (insert regret of not having camera: here). There isn’t a single day that mountain looks the same. Truly incredible, and quite the treat to run towards for the 2nd half of our out-and-back run. Did I mention the rice paddies are recently planted and growing rapidly? Beautiful summer days here in Aomori.

Side note. When I’m blogging, I frequently like to use my thesaurus to 1. Broaden my vocabulary and 2. use slightly more sophisticated words when appropriate. It never fails to remind me of this:

Monica: It doesn’t make any sense.

Joey: Of course it does. It’s smart! I used a thesaurus!

Chandler: On every word?

Joey: Yep.

Monica: All right, what was this sentance, originally?

Joey: Oh. “They’re warm, nice people with big hearts.”

Chandler: And that became, “They’re humid, pre-possessing homosapiens with full-sized aortic pumps?”

Monica: Hey Joey, I don’t think we can use this.

Joey: Why not?

Monica: Well, because you signed it baby kangaroo Tribbiani (Joey makes a ‘and-what’s-wrong-with-that’ look). Hey, why don’t you stop worrying about sounding smart and just be yourself!

Yes, I live as if they’re my own friends. πŸ˜€


Anyway, Sunday was greeted at 6a.m. when my internal clock said to get up. Slightly frustrating when the sun rises at 4a.m. in Japan. I crashed at Alesha’s (as per usual on any given weekend), and managed to press play on a season 1 episode of House, before dosing off into a deep slumber. Until noon. Well, that was a waste of a day. However, after sending off my India documents (and passport, eeeep) to Tokyo, and picking up a few grocery items, I was on my way to O-town to meet up with my NEW FRIEND! Tomo is a Japanese girl who is student teaching at the Junior High. She is from O-town and she and I go on runs after work some nights. Except tonight (Sunday), her family invited me over for dinner and beer (her father), ha, and a quick jog after the festivities.

Can I just say…I HAD A BLAST. More and more I am beginning to wonder why I decided to come home. Ok, that’s only partially true. I miss home SOOOO much, but the nicer the weather gets, and the more people I continue to meet (especially Japanese), I begin to get a little sad about the farewells.

Tomo’s family is awesome. Sadly, I didn’t want to bust out the camera at the dinner table, being a first-time guest and all, but maybe next time (since dad invited me back next Sunday…that was after quite a few beers on his part, so maybe those plans aren’t set in stone). At any rate, her family is so kind and welcoming and her mom is a fabulous cook. We ate okonomiyaki, which included squid…and I LIKED it. Who am I? Dessert (post-run) was some beer and a fruit & ice cream bowl. Next week, I’m makin’ them Sloppy Joes. Straight outta father’s mouth: “Mori- you cook, but my money. No cheese.” Haha, well you heard the man! I can’t wait!!

Tomo drove me home a little before 10p.m., her father in tow. He may or may not have been lying down, snoring in the backseat by the time we reached my house. See you next week, dad! πŸ˜‰


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I may have been kicking and screaming, refusing to come anywhere close to any sort of activity that required a microphone, but the group some how convinced me to tag alone for karaoke night, a very popular craze here in Japan. The highlight of most weekends and all-around good laughs, good tunes, and good times.

You didn’t think I would actually go without singing did you?! Let’s be serious, the real challenge was getting that mic outta my hands just like getting me to fork over that stick of gum at the age of 3 that I’d just snuck out of the Halloween bag while sitting on the floor in my bedroom, hiding from mommy (the rule was I had to be 5).

Take it away, Molly!!! (I was the only one thinking that, the rest were saying: “Take that away from Molly”). What can I say, I really got into “Ironic”. Brought me back to the glory days of when I was in elementary school belting out the tune while being ‘married’ to the kid next to me on the swing set….it’s like rain on your wedding day, a free ride when you’ve already paid…somebody stop me.

Then came the real flashbacks. Except, at CSB/SJU…we drop our pants to Piano Man.

In public, at the bar, very fuzzy…but THIS GIRL knows exactly what I’m talkin’ about! It still brought back great memories of closing nights at Sal’s. **Side note- see the grey sweatshirt…that’s me. Stay classy, San Diego.

Saturday graced us with parks, picnics and sunshine, sans running.

Although mother nature promised a sunny Sunday, she was mistaken and I was bummed, big time. Guess that secures my lazy weekend and hey, why not eat banana bread and watch Leap Year…again. πŸ˜€

I lazily made my way home from Alesha’s Sunday night via TAXI!…It was after 10p.m. and biking just wasn’t happenin’, plus I got to meet her ‘friend’ the night driver and he cut me a deal and we spoke English the whole way home! What a gent!

When I leave all of my weekly preparations for Sunday night, they typically don’t end up happening. This was surely the case. So when Monday night rolled around, I picked up a few groceries (note: I went in for eggs and spinach), yet $25 later, I was loaded up on food and wondering where I’d be able to store it all. And the thought of preparing these meals was not exactly in the cards. A typical night in the kitchen. (If you can’t see, it’s a pot of spinach boiling, eggs for breakfast just scrambled up, a bowl of my chickpea/pumpkin veggie burgers in the makin’, rinsing broc in the sink, prepping the night’s dinner of homemade crab sashimi, and a billion other things going on at once.)

Don’t worry, granny is keeping herself occupied:

….basket weaving. I wasn’t kidding.

All attempts of an early Monday night in bed obviously flew out the window real quickly when I decided toΒ  tackle the kitchen. So much for yoga before bed. Luckily I had F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to lull me to sleep. πŸ˜› ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz


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Look at this AWESOME shirt that came all the way from Toronto for me πŸ˜€ Thank you Rach/RJ!

I must admit, the weekend sure does come in a jiffy when your first day back in the officeΒ  (after a near-3 week hiatus) is a Wednesday. Leaving only 2 days until it was FINALLY FRIDAY, I was on board for the social events of the season.

If you know me at all, or have at least been reading for awhile, then you may be familiar with my lazy-weekend habit. It’s not something to be proud of. Especially since I’m living sans internet these days, I don’t know what I find myself doing in the mere 72 hours that seem to fly by in the blink of an eye.

However, this weekend, my friends, was jam-packed and when accompanied by skype calls home and endless sunshine, I couldn’t care less if it was only 60 degrees, I had all I could ask for, and plus some.

Upon leaving work, I hit up the gym for a 30 minute workout which may or may not have been really hard to get through (must have been due to the many missed workouts during my hiatus). Now back and also back on track, I sweat up a storm and was on my merry little way to meet up with friends on the Dote (machi) for some good company and of course good eats.

Why I have been slacking once again with my camera is beyond me, luckily I captured some of Saturday’s happenings, but Friday with friends went without a single shot.

A few of us got together for a birthday dinner at a delish restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and in the company of famous beers from around the world. And what did I opt for…water. So lame, but my unsettled stomach thanked me. Joining us at dinner was Rach’s friend from T.O. (ahem, Toronto) and in addition to the awesome company, this just reaffirms my need to find flights to Toronto, pronto. Since I wasn’t able to meet Pocket’s parents over Golden Week, there is just another reason to cross the border. And maybe a blogger meet-up?! That would be awesome!

Saturday consisted of a lil Owani action at some festival where the band members from the junior high performed for the opening ceremony (of what…I’m not exactly sure).

Followed by a fabulous salad bar lunch at ‘Big Boy’, Hiromi and I headed out to Apple Park in Hirosaki for the ‘famous’ Apple Ice cream. In addition, the menu included Apple Curry, Apple Ramen, and of course, Apple Pie. Some strange concoctions, I tell ya!

Saturday night was spent in the comfort of Rach’s home with friends, flicks, and food. Couldn’t get any better. Well, I could have done without the Hennessy. πŸ˜‰

Sunday night was a blast. I couldn’t believe how social I was being. The gang roped me into a night out on the town singing Karaoke. Oh boy. Let’s just say, I didn’t steal the mic from anyone, but when forced to belt a tune, I shyly attempted to ‘sing.’ A valiant effort it was.

Now for a 5-day week ahead with nothin’ but rays in the forecast. Wahoooooo! Maybe I’ll get some runnin’ in and more social activities with my favorite Canadians and one hilarious Brit.

P.S. I’m unofficially announcing two races I might register for. June 27 there is a 10k in Hirakawa, a nearby city, and the following week, on the 4TH OF JULY, I could possibly be running the Aomori half-Mary. We shall see.

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