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Happy 4th of July America! And Congrats to Amanda and Jeff on their wedding over the holiday weekend!

This was an interesting weekend to say the least. Really fun, but it took a turn from the original plans. That’s okay though, just live in the moment, right. Only got 29 more days over here to do that!

So, Friday night I was a complete bum. I’m trying to remember if I went for a run or to the gym. I forget now, but I’m hoping I did. Meh, oh well. I made it to Alesha’s to house-sit some more, and watch/drool over:

I wouldn’t mind a silver fox for my next catch, just sayin’. 😉

Saturday came with a 4a.m. sun wake-up call, as per usual, and after a glorious 3-hour Skype sesh with Ma & Pa McG (mostly Ma):

I was not really feelin’ this whole Half-Mary thing. Mom said: don’t run, it’s okay. I think: well, I don’t wanna disappoint people (that’s a funny attitude to have, but I always think like that). I finally peeled myself off the couch and away from my silver fox, and decided to head up to Aomori, if not to run, at least to see good friends.

In my freshly-showered attire, I bike back to the minami side of town. If not the ride, the stuffy, no open-window ‘apartment’ aka granny’s abode, was stifling. That’s an understatement. Instantly pouring sweat. Gross. I gathered my race gear: gatorade, running stuff, shoes, entry card…the loot.

I made my way to the station, with a quick pit stop at the local ATM. I still have yet to pay my phone bill (I like to think, the longer I wait, the less it will be that I have to pay…or maybe the phone company will just forget about last month’s bill. This is wishful thinking. And stupid thinking). I made a bolt for the station, only cutting into the traffic lane a few times and swerving out of another bikers way once. (I’m a terrible biker evidently).

I got all the way to the station to buy my ticket and couldn’t find my wallet!!! After a minor heart attack, I rummaged through everything, not knowing how it could have fallen out of my bag (possibly during the swerving in and out of traffic and fellow bikers?) All of a sudden I get a call. I knew it had to be my wallet. All I comprehended was ‘King’s’ (which is a Pachinko place back by my house and the bank). I made a mad dash back there, hoping and praying the money I just withdrew was still in the wallet. Oh for Pete’s sake, why am I so irresponsible at times? Well, I made it to King’s and saw three old women standing in the parking lot. They must have seen my wallet fly from the granny bike basket and in my mad rush, couldn’t catch up with me to tell me? My phone number happened to be on a document in my wallet –something I should have thrown out a long time ago, but never did. THANK THE LORD! All the money was there and I was instantly relieved. Wowzers, sometimes I get so lucky.

This is turning out to be a really long story. But, I made a mad dash again, totally negating the shower I just took, and made it back to the station just in time for the next train out to Aomori.

Melissa picked me up at the station and we headed back to her apartment for the night. I was ALL READY to run (mentally too…which I knew would happen once I got up and out of the apartment back in Hirosaki).


I was putting my things in order and had the race info, one shoe out of the bag, followed by a running shirt, shorts, sunglasses, watch…but wait….where’s the second shoe. Oh dear.

Yup. I missed the race because my freakin’ running shoe was somewhere on the side of the road in Hirosaki. Now I was majorly bummed. However, a night of House, grilled cheese, and no early bedtime. Well, it didn’t turn out soooooo bad.

It would have been a great day to run too, since there was practically no humidity and those predicted T-storms didn’t even show up for the event…or the entire day for that matter.

Melissa and I had a great time hanging out and in these last few weeks, that’s what it’s all about anyway! Guess I’ll have to wait till the U.S. of A. for that first half-Mary afterall. 😀

Lesson learned: put the important things in a zipper section of your bag, and 2.) check 5 million + 1 times that you have EVERYTHING you need. 🙂

I hope everyone had a safe, relaxing, and festive 4th of July! 29 and counting…

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Hello, I’m alive, still walking, have knee caps in tact, and ready for the half-Mary on Sunday, in celebration of America’s Independence! (Despite the fact that I’m running in Japan :mrgreen: ).

First off, do any of you know about Ms. Special K? Well, besides the fact that her blog is awesome, she owns a Macbook, and her Special K Treatment is spot-on, she’s also living abroad and doing this awesome thing called GIMME YOUR STUFF. What exactly do I mean? Well, look what arrived in my mailbox the other day!

Look at those earrings! LOVE THEM! They’re from Metz, France, and the cute owl card from Durham, England.

And the best for last, Praline Chocolate with Cinnamon Cookie. Um, did I just die and go to heaven and eat it all in one sitting. Yes. It was marvelous. The cinnamon, key ingredient. If only I lived in Brussels, Belgium, I could get some more 😉

Thanks again Krystal! If any of you want to do an exchange with her, head on over to her blog. She’d be more than happy to Give you her stuff, and get some from around the globe, too.


Just across the pond is also my ‘new home’ for the week. Dearest Alesha (aka Crumpet) is off across yet another pond, a much bigger pondHONG KONG, but while she’s away, I graciously accepted her request to house-sit get a break from granny + ’round the clock internet access. Ya don’t have to ask me twice. 😉 Even though I knew it would probably be more work (i.e. riding over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s Alesha’s house we go), I knew it’d be nice to have the peace and quiet for a few nights without checking in with granny and worrying about leaving the windows open for rain to flood in (yep, did that). Even though after staring at Muscles and Spandex (a new eye candy. He likes spandex. I do too 😉 ) getting a brief workout in, I biked to granny’s to gather my overnight bag, proceeded on down to Alesha’s neck of the woods, and parked myself on the couch to fall asleep to the soothing sound of Entourage and The Bachelorette (just kidding, her voice is annoying, not soothing). At any rate, I managed to somehow stay up for not one, but BOTH shows, and even started The Proposal. I was definitely out 2 minutes into that. Barely got a glimpse of my love (Ryan Reynolds).

Up at 5:30am to be out the door by 6, to be on the train by 7. The distance across the pond IS definitely worth the hassle.

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Well hello lovelies (this includes male lovelies too). I just felt like saying that for some reason.

It’s Monday morning in Japan, blazin’ hot in this office, I’m high on something (caffeine I’m pretty sure) or life. I came into school with 50+ emails and lemme say, never again will I go ‘unplugged’ for a weekend. I will admit, it was refreshing at the time, but catch up’s a b*&$%. Ha, I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted to the internet. 😳 But anyway, this weekend was epic. I didn’t even do anything that spectacular, but it was to me, and it’s my blog, so therefore epic recap in store.

Friday Fun~

First order of business, run my little heart out. 8 miles and one bathroom pit stop later. Check.

All a part of the training sched, got her outta the way on a lovely Friday afternoon, perfect…since I knew there may not be time this weekend otherwise.

The sight from my ride home with Ms. ichi-nensei:

See that sun settin’ right over yonder beyond Mt. Iwake. That mountain never looks the same on any given day. I love it!

I had ‘plans’ to go home and self-diagnose my new ailments watch House, but when I got the call for curry (real, Indian curry, not Japanese curry) with Alesha and Christine, I obviously couldn’t turn that down, even if it was my second trip of the week (lucky for me, it lasts two meals!). I walked to the eki and brought a little friend* with me.

I sat down with the ladies and they had graciously ordered for me. I was craving Chicken tonight. I was a little ‘misty’ from the humid walk, gross, and all of a sudden I felt a little tickle on the back of my neck. I felt it, and wanted to scream (just shivered now, thinking about it) but there was a huge, yes, a huge freakin’ beetle (that little friend) crawling up my neck toward my head. I grabbed it and threw it at the wall, proceeding to squish it with a napkin and immediately go wash my hands. I don’t mind bugs (that much), but when they’re on me—that’s a-whole-nother story. Bleh. Alesha and I swapped curries (she had Dal and didn’t like it), and so I offered to switch. Not 5 minutes later I found a long black hair in mine (the chef’s). My usual self would have probably made a huge complaint and been super grossed out and maybe slightly peeved. For some reason, I wasn’t and I just took it out and didn’t think about it. We know the owners, nice guys, simple mistake. I left it at that and enjoyed my meal.

After dinner I opted for House and bed. ‘Twas glorious.

Saturday Sun~

My attempt at sleeping in failed as per usual. No joke, I shoot up out of bed at 4:15 EVERYDAY, no matter what. Well, I managed to fall back to sleep until a little after 8a.m. when I was notified via the empty pit that it was time for breakfast. I whipped up some protein-enhanced French Toast with:

  • 1 slice of ‘Nice Bread’
  • 1 egg + 1 white
  • sprinklet of Nutmeg
  • almond extract
  • dabble of real Hokkaido butter
  • boat loads of Cinnamon

My topper was inspired by Angela who came up with the idea of Breakfast Hummus. I don’t think her recipe has debuted yet, but just so you know it was her idea, but this is what mine entailed:

  • 1/2 cuppish (I’m really bad about measuring) chickpeas
  • 1/4 cuppish plain yogurt
  • 1 tbs TJ’s creamy peanut butter
  • 1/2 scoop Chocolate Whey protein powder
  • splash of milk to help the little engine that could (my ghetto blender)
  • 1/2 banana
  • drizz of agave

Blend. It was really good. Perfect topper for my little Frenchie…that and a dollop of Japanese cottage cheese (which I mentioned before is not goopy). It was fabulous. MMMMMMM. So good. I had left over ‘hummus’ and it was really good with some strawbs that I bought later.

After breakfast and more House I peeled myself off the futon and got to Budokan for a little upper body, courtesy of BFL and then set out for some biking and reading (never thought I’d be doin’ that). I love reading but I’m always ‘too busy’ to sit down and enjoy a good book. Times are a changin’. I parked myself, some carrots, an orange, and crab out across a little plot of grass at Hirosaki Castle park and enjoyed the summer sun and my book. I had the opportunity to go to a ballet class (if you know me…and know that I can’t touch my toes) this is the biggest joke ever…but I did almost go. I need some core work, and flexibility. I didn’t end up going, but maybe next week, if I’m brave enough.

On my way home from biking/reading/market shopping~ pesticide-free broccoli: WAHOO, I also snapped a picture of this bike near my house. I just love it:

Then this little granny comes up to me and wants me to take a picture of this weird carriage thing with a Santa Claus in it. No thanks, that thing is creepy and would haunt me for sure. More bikes please 🙂

Just caught my eye, then I was on way.

I had the night to myself and made sure not to do a thing. I loved every minute of it.

Sunday Shopping Shenanigans

I had a shopping date with Tomo at 10a.m. We planned on driving out to Goshogawara for the day (about 30 minutes by car) to hit up Elm shopping center and see what we could find. Oh, and dinner plans for me to introduce American cuisine to the fam was still on the agenda.

With a slight budget in mind, i.e. Molly you leave in 50 days, don’t be dumb and buy anything you don’t have the space for….that idea went slightly according to plan. I bought a small ring and a ‘to die for’ scarf. Oh, and some things from the Foreign Food market (without hesitation). Let’s just say the Palak Paneer purchase got me super stoked (even more than I already am) for my trip to India, which is 40 days and counting. **Pictures tomorrow on those purchases. Promise!

Since I’m a narcoleptic by self-diagnosis, I obviously fell asleep on the car ride home. Tomo and I went for a quick run around Owani before it was dinner time. Which was BOMB! So freakin’ good.

Japanese Suroppi Jiyozu a.k.a. スロッピジョズ (a.k.a. Sloppy Joes)

  • 300 grams ground beef
  • 1 can of tomatoes/onion (in place of processed and sodium-intense Campbell’s soup)
  • 2 tbs brown sugar
  • 1/2 tbs (give or take) spicy mustard
  • ketchup (fair share of drizzle through out pan)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Buns


  1. Brown meat
  2. Add everything
  3. Stir
  4. Enjoy

Oh boy. That was a HIT! Mama Kase, and Grandma dove right in and loved the sloppy mess. Mama even picked up her ‘burger’ and successfully got every last bit in her mouth and not all over her hands! We enjoyed some Japanese sides of veggies, potato korokke:

…fish, some gloopy seafood animal (not a fan), and fresh out-of-this-world watermelon ($30 for the thing!) as our dessert. Don’t forget the phone call Papa Kase made me make to their eldest son (in Sendai) with whom they wanted me to practice English with. First off, he answered the phone extremely confused as to who I was, why an English-speaking woman was calling him, and what the heck I was saying…all while Papa is laughing hysterically in the background. Lesson failed. Comic relief definitely a success, glad I could be of service. 😀 It was really funny, and topped off my night with the fam.

Ok, each day I realize how hard it’s actually going to be to leave. I’ve already got a ‘training date’ set up with Papa Kase next Saturday at the crack of life (8a.m. for a pre-course run) before my race. Then, the following Sunday (race day) the family is coming to cheer me on and we’re celebrating Mama Kase’s birthday after the race. Don’t forget my premature goodbye party with last year’s teachers happening next weekend too, but first: Tonight’s World Cup Game! Japan vs. Cameroon


I’ll be meetin’ up with a Japanese girl who is friends of another ALT and we’ll hit up the Kaji machi sports bar. Kickoff: 11pm. Gonna be a late night tonight. I promise some pics and that announcement coming in tomorrow’s post!


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Well, it’s not technically the weekend yet, Friday here in Japan and how can I stay away from all of you 😛 I can’t. I just felt like summin’ up my day yesterday and giving you a little peak into weekend festivities. First up, I need to correct my attempt at that Chocananacado Pudding recipe, because I remember now that I added a little Chocolate Protein Powder too, Whey to be exact, 1/2 scoop to be even more precise. It’s not necessary, but just fyi.

Secondly, my workout yesterday was completely, 100% inspired by Ms. Janetha who has 1. An awesome blog, 2. Rockin’ bod, and 3. Really hard workout from BFL. I usually snoop around Meals & Moves for my daily inspiration, so thanks Janetha! It was a H.I.I.T. kinda day (I don’t know how to do the layout nice and neat like her though, so bear with me…oh and Japan measure in kilometers per hour) I did each for 1 minute and 2 % incline:

  1. 8.0 kph
  2. 8.8
  3. 9.7
  4. 12.9
  5. 9.7
  6. 12.9
  7. 9.7
  8. 12.9
  9. 9.7
  10. 12.9
  11. 9.7
  12. 13.7
  13. 9.7
  14. 13.7
  15. 9.7
  16. 13.7
  17. 9.7
  18. 13.7
  19. 9.7
  20. 14.4
  21. 9.7
  22. 14.4
  23. 9.7
  24. 14.4
  25. 9.7
  26. 14.4 @ 8% incline for 1min and 10 seconds
  27. — 29. 8.0 @ 1% incline

30. 6.0

3 minute walk cool-down.

Rough stats (I need a Garmin. Wish list 😉 ) : 33 min/ 437 kcal/ 4.8 km (or 5.3….I forget!)

Alesha and I parted ways on the Dote (Dough-tay) and I made a mad rush for home to make a humungus salad that I was seriously craving. Here in Japan they have this out-of-this-world Sesame dressing. I found a bottle with half the cals and since I practically drink the stuff, I opted for the purchase. When it comes to food, a budget is non-existent in my world. It’s a sin that I spend $3 on 1 cup of cottage cheese per week, sometimes two. To pack in a protein punch, I had a side of cottage cheese with crab and tons of mustard. Before you gag, try it. Phenom. ‘Nuff said. I also had a Protein ‘shake’ to accompany my P90 Ab Ripper X attempt. It was brutal. Hopefully I get better over time!

Drowned in Sesame goodness.

And some crabby goodness. Downed in 2.2. So yummy!!

I took a little break to watch House, and then moseyed downstairs to prepare lunch for the next day. Granny yelling at me yet again for leaving the light on in the side room (yet she’s always leaving the light on in the bathroom!)

Oh, remember how I got two books from the library? I started reading the second one, the title I had previously forgotten, but now remember: “Why Men Don’t Listen, And Women Can’t Read Maps.” It is a fascinating read so far. Yes, I’m reading both books at once. Probably why I never finish what I start! Always got too much goin’ on at once. But I just love this book. It’s by Barbara and Allan Pease and it actually reminds me a lot of my Evolutionary Psychology class in college. The one and ONLY textbook I read cover to cover. It was that good!

*My computer camera only takes ‘mirror image’ pics. So everything is backwards. 😛

Taken from “Why Men Don’t Listen, And Women Can’t Read Maps”:

When a man goes to a rest room, he usually goes for one reason and one reason only. Women use rest rooms as social lounges and therapy rooms. Women who go to a rest room as strangers can come out best friends and lifelong buddies…Men dominate TV remote controls and flick through the channels; women don’t mind watching the commercials. Under pressure, men drink alcohol and invade other countries; women eat chocolate and go shopping…Women criticize men for being insensitive, uncaring, not listening, not being warm and compassionate, not talking, not giving enough love, not being committed to relationships, wanting to have sex rather than make love, and leaving the toilet seat up…Men criticize women about their driving, for not being able to read street directories, for turning maps upside down, for their lack of a sense of direction, for talking too much without getting to the point, for not initiating sex often enough, and for leaving the toilet seat down…Men can never find a pair of socks, but their CDs are in alphabetical order…Women can always find the missing set of car keys but rarely the most direct route to their destination…Men think they’re the more sensible sex…Women know they are.

I’m excited to find out more reasons why men are so confusing. 😉


In store for the weekend is first and foremost: Sleep. I wake up EVERY freakin’ day at the crack of life (thank ‘Lesh for the phrase, ha), and run of course. Got an 8-miler to tackle, the gym to hit up (hoping Muscles* will be there 😉 ) biking to Apple Park for a picnic, Don Don’s consignment shop, groceries, lunch prepping, and Sunday FUNDAY spent with Tomo shopping on the west coast (Goshogawara) and dinner with her fam. Rumor has it, I’m makin’ Sloppy Joes! Can’t wait.

I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend where ever you are! P.S. ANNOUNCEMENT on Monday (your Sunday U.S.A.) Stay tuned!



*Muscles~ In college, my roomie Jamie and I would name our secret ‘library & or gym crushes’ by something they did or how they looked. It was our code name for the “McSteamy’s and McDreamy’s of Minnesota” if you will. We were weird. A few that I remember (Muscles– obvious reasons, Chile– this one kid who studied abroad there, Prancer– this kid on a treadmill, what a sight…) Oh the good ol’ days. 😀

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What a tease. 40 degree day and I have to sit in the office with 3/4 of the walls as windows. Mountains, landscape, rays for days…so jealous of animals right now.

I briefly contemplated running outside after work, but 2 things quickly changed my mind:

  1. Mr. Mystery Man was supposed to arrive at 4:30p.m. pending we actually had a comprehensive conversation the day before?…
  2. Hello, The Bachelor, The Women Tell All. Nuff said.

Funny how I b!$@h all winter about not being able to go outside, then the one nice day we have, I easily convince myself out of the idea. I guess that means I’m not allowed to complain about it anymore. I had my chance.

You know what Mystery Man delivered? A package. A present to be more exact. Not the cookbook I’d ordered, which I thought it might be. Nope, Ms. ni-nensei (our 2nd grade English teacher on maternity leave) sent me a gift!

Please excuse my blurry computer camera. 🙂 You see, when I went back to my homeland for Christmas this year, I brought back Ms. ni-nensei a Nike Minnesota Gopher onesie. Seriously, too cute. Once he grows into it, maybe I can show you a picture! At any rate, she’s the one who has a baby and I get a gift?! She is too sweet! I forgot to take another picture, but they are a set of 3 towels with beautiful stitching! Thank you!!

Well, my idea to let ‘nature take it’s course’ and wait out the water-frozen pipes is not exactly working out to my benefit…since they’re still frozen. Luckily, I have a gym membership with an onsen, and luckily this further convinces me to actually GO to the gym and workout each night. Although I did slack a little today and biked, yes BIKED, ran 6 k, and didn’t lift really at all. Daijou bu though folks, it was a hard Monday!

Remember when I was 23 Going on 30?! Well, I thought I would check out my stats again, 4 months since joining the gym. When I started, the dumb machine told me I was 22 in age, but my body was 28. I blame college. My trainer blames the chocolate and ice cream. Caught.

Today I was calculated to be 23 and my body is at the healthy age of 27. Yea, didn’t drop the chocolate habit, obviously. However, in four months I gained a year. Not too bad, and my muscle mass is 30%.

My bike ride home beats walking at 11:30p.m. any day. Slipping on black ice and nearly breaking my teeth- could do without that. I should have added safe biking to my goals for 2010.

American Idol tomorrow. I get to see my crush. 🙂


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Definitely an understatement. I swear, anyone who knows me can vouch for the lack in my movie-watching capabilities. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, I am out like a light. I can name at least 10 movies, probably more that I’ve seen 3/4 of. Somewhat annoying. Well, truth be told, I’m diagnosing myself with narcolepsy. Seriously: In a Sapporo shopping mall, on a public bench.

And I don’t do the whole graceful sleeper thing either. Usually you’ll find me, head tilted back, mouth open, snoring possibly, drooling- definitely.

Well, sadly it was no different come Friday night, but ya gotta cut me a little slack- it was Friday night after a long week at the gym, the movie showing was at 10:15p.m. and once those lights are turned down low, sayonara.

Luckily I only dozed a couple times. Rach made sure of it. Every now and then she’d sock me and say, “Are you awake?” I would jump- “Yup, awake!” Ooops, I’ve forgotten to tell you what we saw!!!


And in 3-D! In Japan, films are running at about Y2000 ($20). I can’t afford to fall asleep! But, I do remember most of the movie- in fact, almost all of it! And here are my thoughts…

  • Amazing to think this idea started 10 years ago!
  • Seeing it in 3-D was pretty amazing, although some parts you couldn’t tell it was 3-D
  • The plot was so-so, not completely developed in my opinion
  • Jake Sully. HOT.HOT.HOT.
  • Again, the effects are incredible
  • I really like the message overall.
  • 4/5 stars in my book…but I should probably see it again. 😀

After the movie with Rach and Mami, we came back to Hirosaki (the movie was in Aomori) and it was 3a.m….omg…and so I crashed at Alesha’s for the night. Saturday morning I continued on my 40-day Movement Lenten Challenge, and went for a 30 minute jog and walk with Alesha. She’s a natural! GO ALESHA! Again, the narcolepsy struck and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep on the couch for a good 2 hours?! Maybe more. Going along with my theme of lazy weekends, it obviously continued into Sunday. However, we started off the a.m. with 45 minutes of fast yoga and some 8-minute abs. Next on the agenda: House. Oh.MYYYYY.God. LOVE, love, love it. And Hugh Laurie isn’t bad eye-candy either. What is it with me and older men!? Haha. He is so funny. I love his sarcasm and wit. Such an ass, but love ‘im.


So that was the weekend, gone in a flash. I made the trek to the station early on Sunday, as to get back to my house, finish laundry and just RELAX. It only takes like, 45 minutes to get to the station, but as long as I’m not caught in a blizzard, I don’t mind it. Plus, when I got to the station, I had to get a new train pass and I attempted asking one of the workers. Maybe he knew I wouldn’t understand (most likely true) and so he took me over to the machine, graciously helped me with the process, and I was on my merry little way. I was in bed and out by 9:30p.m. We can safely say, I’m all caught up on sleep!

And since I forgot last Friday…it’s time for a belated Fun.Fact.Friday.:

  • The number of volcanoes in Japan is approximately 200
  • The Japanese love their pizzas topped with mayonnaise and corn
  • In Japan you are expected to slurp while having liquids such as soups. If you do not, it is considered that you do not like the food and the host may feel offended


That’s a wrap!


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Yes, you heard me right. Banana buttcheeks. So, last night was a bit nippy as I headed to Hirosaki (but half the battle is getting there, right?) And I will stand true to that. Once I was there, everything was A.O.K. and I was more than motivated. However, so was the rest of Japan. You see, this week marks the 1 year anniversary of Holiday Gym opening, which means it’s like an American New Years- everyone’s all about the resolutions…it.was.packed. I had to wait 10 whole minutes for a treadmill! I know, the horror!!! However, once I hopped on my ‘mill, I was off and runnin’. Now, there’s a reason why I don’t watch T.V.– Well, Japanese television that is. I thought to keep myself entertained, I would just have the T.V. on (built-in to the tread) and listen to my iPod. Here was the first intriguing program I watched:

I remember when I first came to Japan, I was out to lunch with my Big Brother and on T.V. was a competition with really fat, maybe sumo sized men who were sprinting across a field, then jumping into an inflated kiddie pool and the winner was the one who displaced the most water. I can’t even describe how crazy some of their programming is.

…Well, now I can. After the Slinky Man performance, I was scarred by the next ‘competition’. The first man (rather large man) put a grape in his bellybutton and squeezed it out of the skin and into a cup. Gross, GROSS, GROSS. Oh, but it got better– here I am runnin’ along, and all of a sudden I am horrified by a fat Japanese man in a thong who, for the audience, put a banana in between his two butt cheeks and squeezes out of the peel. I nearly tossed some major cookies on that machine. And now you know why I stream American programs on my computer for entertainment. I have officially been scarred for life.

Luckily I had a killer workout and made it home (had to walk 😦 ) and in bed before 12a.m. Up again at 6a.m. though. Oh boy!

Hope you all have a fabulous kickoff to the week!


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