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Happy November, Happy Election Day (yesterday), Happy Fall, Happy Hump Day,

Well for those of you who follow my blog, or did, I was an avid writer while in Japan. I had the time, the energy, the inspiration of being in a foreign country with endless topics, ideas, and events going on in my life that I could share with people. I was especially good as sharing my feelings and hardships about the language barrier, cultural differences, and lifestyle of an American girl living in rural Japan.

Things are different now, I will admit. It seems like I write every two weeks, or sadly, go even longer without posting. I wanted to maintain this blog as a healthy living site for what goes on in my life and what I’ve been up to on a day-to-day basis. I’d love to say my life is exhilarating, and full of excitement. I will say, I have been doing a LOT, however, when I want to blog about something or post my new recipes, etc., I find myself holding back and getting “sidetracked” because what I really should be doing is job hunting. Granted, I don’t job hunt 24/7, but I feel guilty even picking up a novel and having ‘me time’ when I know I should be pounding the pavement with this job search.

It’s a tough market people. I’m sure you’re all aware of that. Part of me wants to just get my foot in the door with a great company like Target, General Mills, or Health Partners, and not care about the position. The other part of me wants to find that perfect position and not care what the company or pay is, but just do what I love. What exactly do I love? Well, health is definitely at the forefront of my interests, as well as writing…so that leads to PR, I like promoting health, wellness, fitness…so there’s job potential there. I also like the idea of working with a company with healthy foods (hello Target, yes I will be a buyer for your Organic foods)…a girl can dream right? I just don’t know where to start. It’s overwhelming and slightly depressing sometimes, but I’ll keep at it and get my dream job one way or another!

In the meantime my other priorities include my internship at SheTaxi (the more practice and experience, the better), running, family, friends, and of course a little cooking, TV, and People magazine.

These past few weeks, since Grandma’s 90th, we’ve spent time with the family from out of state, going to the cabin,

Quality sister time,

And of course last weekend, getting all gussied up for the festivities, that is, my 2nd favorite holiday of the year: HALLOWEEN.

Hello Shakira and our lil Firefighter

Nerd & a TopGun girl (that would be my dad’s real Vietnam uniform there!)

Antone Dodson, and Jake the Bachelor

A Hot dog, taco and condiments

I will say though, that when planning a Halloween costume, being from Minnesota, taking the weather into consideration is a good idea. I did not, and paid the price. It was freezing!

So while I’m not gonna worry about where my priorities lie, I’m just gonna let the good times roll. Life too short to not to enjoy the small stuff.

I hope everyone got out and voted yesterday for somebody. Have a great rest of the week. Let’s set a personal goal (me) of writing again before weeks end.



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Face of a runner, getting beat by 14 year old’s. Embarrassing.

I know I appear to be enjoying it, but in reality, I was suffering, and that is a true face a pain (mixed with a huge, fake smile).

Back to the weekend and what I happened to pick up while out shopping with Tomo, for a very good price: A rose ring. Love this!

And a green scarf:

I love this little nylons. I don’t know if the craze has hit the U.S. but I think it should. You see, the Japanese rarely go barefoot (I learned this lesson the hard way…as with most lessons, let’s be serious), but you’ll see ladies wearing these guys with cute flats or both closed/open toed heels. Love the concept, and since I’m trying to improve my sense of fashion, I thought I’d tack these onto my must-purchase list. And for Y100 ($1), yes please.

And lastly, fun with Tomo! Hard to see, but these little photo booths, aka Pirikura are super popular here in Japan, and a TON of fun. It was only my second time going, but why had I not been going more?! You take the pics, then you can spruce ’em up with this pen/computer and add all these decals and words. And everyone goes home a winner. Got my own copy:

And at last, this surprise I’ve been holding out on:

But that’s not it. I’m gathering some of my favorite teas and a few Japanese things, unique to where I live here. I wanna do a giveaway!!!! Nothing too fancy, but I wanna hear from lurkers and faithful friends what you favorite place to travel in the world is. Be as specific as you like, if it’s down to the very restaurant you ate at, what you had, the museum, or beach, or just country. You know I’ll be adding to my wish list of places I want to go after hearing from everyone 🙂 I also wanna know why it’s your favorite place. And if you’re feeling extra-sharingly, leave me your favorite (easy 🙂 ) recipe too. I have lots of learning, tasting, and making to do and I could use all the help I can get! So, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post listing 1) Your favorite vacation/travel destination & why and/or 2) A fun and easy recipe that I just have to try! 3)Leave a link on your blog if you have one, and comment telling me you did so! In return, I’ll send you a little love from rural Japan…more than just the bag of tea above. I’ve got a few more items to post. In the mean time, get commenting! Contest/giveaway ends THIS THURSDAY (my Friday) at 2a.m. (because that’s my 4pm…when I leave the office. I’ll announce the winner that day! So, you have 4 days to leave a little love! Can’t wait to hear from all of you!!



P.S. I forgot to mention…I experienced my second encounter with the po-po last night. Funny story kinda. I was walking from school to the station, and I saw a cop car drive by, no biggie. Then I saw the officers park at the station. Strange. The two men in their fancy vests (no gun included in Japan), started walking slightly towards my direction. I didn’t avoid them, but just kept walking. They picked up their pace (probably thinking I’m a fugitive of the U.S., running to rural, northern Japan in search of a new start and promising future…or just happened to land here because my Board of Education hired me and I was assigned this town. Most likely the latter. The conversation went something like this:

Cop 1: Hello, where do you come from?

Molly: Now or originally (as in my country?)

Cop 1: Now.

Molly: Oh, O-Town Junior High, kara kimashita. (That was my Japanese effort).

Cop 1: Wow, your English is very good.

Molly: <Well, that is my native language (did you mean Japanese?)> Thinking this. But said: Oh, thank you, yours too.

Cop 1: Are you teacher?…Where live…have card?

Molly: Oh gaijin (foreigner) card…why yes, yes I do. Here you go…

Ok, not that exciting but kind of funny that I was approached for, I don’t know, suspicious activity of some sort? I guess it happens to a lot of ALT’s, but it was my first questioning of why I’m here…after 10 months of living here. Guess I wasn’t too suspicious till now. Strange, very strange.

Oh, and I DIDN’T make it to watch the soccer game last night 😦 I fell asleep. Such a lame-o. But, I’ll be attempting another coffee meet-up tonight with the same girl. This time it’ll be daylight, therefore a success, since I’m such a granny.

That’s all, hope everyone’s having a wonderful week! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win some of my favorite Japanese teas! Ends Thursday (Central time) at 2a.m….so I guess that’s technically Friday at 2a.m. Haha.

Ok, bye.

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So it’s FINALLY Friday and that can only mean ONE THING…the 6 day streak of rain is OVAH!!…that is, if Mother Nature cooperates and follows through on her promise of sun for the next 5 days. That would be nice.

The workday is done, I’m off for a run, but to keep you all occupied until my next (and much more exciting) post I’ll leave you with my new project:

Like many other bloggers, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon: 101 in 1001.


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Asian Mullet

Jacked up on Green tea and letting my mind wander. You’ve been warned.

My daily gym trips allow for interaction with another culture besides the no-nonsense, non-fun-havers at my work. I’ve met a few people who can speak English, as well as the wannabees who want me to teach them English…while running. At the gym last night, I encountered a new look. Actually two. Neither of which was working well for their game, if they have any. So this post is going to touch on just a small part of the Japanese fashion. Something new everyday. Today it was the mullet. I was okay with never seeing one again. St. Cloud, Minnesota has it’s fair share. Crossroads Mall, anyone?! Oh, that and Wefest. ‘Nuff mullet for a lifetime of sightings. Lucky for me, I’ve now witnessed the Asian mullet.


This was probably a 200 pound man wearing a tight jersey top. Long black mullet- yes, spiked on top. Watching him bench press sealed the deal, hot stuff. Not really though. Man # 2 likes to wear a sweatsuit. No shame. It’s one thing if you look like this and wear sweats:


Although I hear he’s not a fan of many these days. One perk about being out of the country. No clue on the gossip (well except for Bachelor spoilers that I track down) but for Mr. J.M. Drama (Omg Johnny Drama!! Entourage anyone?!) At any rate, no judgement here. And I’d take that over what I saw any day. Sir- the gray sweatsuit should have a little wiggle room. Skin tight, preferably not. Elastic pants that gather at the bottom exposing your white knee sock are hot too. It was almost as bad as my onepiece-full body zip up-purple sweatsuit I used to own when I was 5 15. Megan knows what I’m talking about. I wore that suit proud, too. Yes, I did say bright purple. I’ll try to find you a picture, you’ll probably cry.

While there are some sights I wish to avoid, there are some pretty trendy fashions going on over here. I’m slowly jumping on the bandwagon. Big bun on top of my head. Not quite there yet.


Maybe this weekend I can go to Hirosaki (run there- fingers crossed) and on my mad-hunt for some Japanese tea for Ms. Jamie to add to her obsession collection :), I will hopefully be able to get in some people watching, creepily take pictures and bring back the loot for you all to judge. I do on a daily basis. The fashion is fun here. Makes no sense most of the time, but that makes me fit right it. Who says you can’t wear stripes, plaid, bright orange hats and purple leggings? That was a hypothetic statement. I don’t need to dress like my closet threw up on me. Some people here do, though. Just embrace it.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and see some hotties in sweats tonight. Come one, come all and gather as my eye candy while I suffer on the treadmill.


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